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Cabinet Refacing, Replacement or Home Improvement Contractors for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

When it's time to update around your home you are faced with the decision of whether you should replace your cabinets or reface your cabinets. You know that either way you decide to go your kitchen or bathroom will end up looking better than it currently does with your old and outdated cabinets.

Many homeowners update their kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets simply because they want a more modern or newer feel and appearance around their homes. Once the decision has been made to update, the question then becomes one of how much will it cost me to update the cabinets within my home. As you would expect, replacing your old cabinets will be more expensive than if you were to simply reface your cabinets. Obviously, many homeowners will opt to take the less expensive route and reface rather that to replace. By making the decision to reface your cabinets rather than to replace, you can easily save as much as 50% over the higher cost of having all of your cabinets replaced.

If you are set on getting new cabinets and want a custom design there is a relatively new way to have that and save money. New RTA cabinets (ready to assemble) that are high quality, enable homeowners or even contractors to get custom cabinets and save money by assembling themselves. New materials, choices of sizes, doors and knobs all can be made to save hundreds of dollars.

Bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling are two of the most common areas of the home that homeowners choose to do. Both can be quite costly. Costs will add up quickly when you replace cabinets rather than reface cabinets. The reasons for the higher costs are simple to understand. First, all of the old cabinets must be completely removed. Next, these cabinets must be replaced with new cabinets. Of course, when new cabinets are installed, everything about them is new. New wood, new laminates, new hinges, new shelves. We think that you can get the picture quite easily and see how the costs will quickly mount. When you reface your existing cabinets, they do not have to be removed entirely. Professionals will come in and remove the doors and either reface the existing doors or replace the exciting doors. New hinges may be added to take the place of old or worn hinges and the cabinet facing will be updated to coincide with the appearance of new doors. This could mean stripping the existing cabinet down to bare wood with new stain added and sealed, or, a new laminate coat may be applied. In the meantime, your existing shelves can stay in place and be reused or possibly adjusted to become accommodating to your needs.

Most all of the labor for refacing your cabinets can be done onsite, rather than sent out, thus saving you money and time that your home is torn up for improvements.

Many homeowners when preparing their home for sale will also hear suggestions from realtors that it will help their odds of selling their home faster and easier much like having a new roof. At a higher price by updating old or outdated kitchens or baths. To maximize the return on investment, it will probably be suggested that the homeowner simply reface their cabinets rather than replacing them. By doing this, their home becomes one that more potential buyers will be interested in since they will not need to update after moving in. The seller benefits by asking a higher selling price with fewer counter offers or concessions being asked so the buyer can upgrade.

Whatever your situation is, selling or improved comfort and feel around your home, refacing the cabinets in your home can be a wise investment. Much like getting a new wood deck it will give you better enjoyment of your home or better return in your home sale.

Throughout any major metro area you can find reputable companies that will reface your cabinets to help you save money over the higher cost of replacing your cabinets. And, although most people consider cabinet refacing mostly for kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets, the possibilities for cabinet refacing are endless. Anywhere you have cabinets within your home, a cabinet refacing company can help you to save money and to allow for better use and enjoyment of your home.

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It may not be a common occurrance but you may be able to use your old cabinets after replacing them. People with summer homes often outfit their cabins or vacation homes by moving their perfectly good used cabinets to a new home.